The Saba Telephone Company (Satel) is a Government-owned company on the island of Saba in the North East Caribbean. Satel has been in business for over 40 years.
(from the Satel NV website)


Although Saba is a small Caribbean Island, Satel’s customer base represents many of the same sorts of constituents as multiple larger telephone carriers would. Satel customers include all the land-line residences of the island, all the businesses, the government, and emergency services. Satel provides all the network infrastructure on the island as well, and are responsible for the fiber and microwave connections to other islands in the Caribbean. Saba even has their own country code! (599, shared with Bonaire, Curaçao and Sint Eustatius).


Satel’s telecom infrastructure was delivered through an aging and obsolete Nortel DMS-10i, which was outdated in its technology as well as its support system.

Proposed Solution
ClearyCore proposed a solution that would take Satel from the telecom of the past to the telecom of the future.  Our ClearNote platform was deployed within their own on-island colocation facilities, on customer-provided hardware, and our technology now provides Class 4, Class 5 and PBX services to the entire island. Satel is now operating a next-generation telecom infrastructure, which puts them leaps ahead of many Caribbean communities.

Most of the techology was deployed remotely by us (with Satel’s experienced technical teams handling the on-site work) onto their preferred hardware platform. This technology has been integrated into the SS7 connection and can pass traffic across the traditional PSTN circuts, or directly via SIP to competitive VoIP providers around the world. All the land-line telecommunications needs for the island are now being serviced on the ClearlyCore platform.

Working together with Satel we are enhancing the telecommunication services available to the residents, businesses and government of Saba.