Cloud PBX

Is a Cloud PBX Right for your business?

Do you need an IP business phone system and are you considering a hosted VoIP solution or Cloud PBX? Regardless of the size of your business, from the SME to the larger enterprise, you can choose a system that is tailored to the needs of your organization, takes advantage of today’s VoIP technology, and doesn’t break the bank.

ClearlyCore’s ClearNote™ Cloud PBX platform is a hosted  PBX VoIP solution with a wide range of telecom functions from the basic to the complex and ensures you are always connected.

Features commonly deployed with ClearlyCore’s ClearNote CloudPBX

    Automated Attendants and IVR (interactive voice response) for prompt and efficient call handling
    Call Queueing or ACD
    Find Me Follow Me — have calls go to your cell phone or where you are located so you don’t miss important calls
    Voicemail to Email
    SIP trunking to your onsite VoIP system

Here’s how the ClearlyCore Hosted VoIP system might as part of your network:

Cloud PBX

ClearlyCore has all the PBX features you need, so give us a call at 1 877-253-2716, or send us an email and let the pros handle setting up your cloud PBX and providing you with the quality hosted VoIP service your company deserves.

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