Smile Dog Answering Service

ClearlyCore helps local business center

  • Reduced toll charges—by over 50%

  • Expanded capabilities

  • North America-wide service area

My business has tripled in size since starting with ClearlyCore and they have stepped up to the plate and found a solution for every problem that has come up. — Jeffrey Doyle, CEO, Smiledog — Your Receptionist


Smiledog is an enhanced call answering service that offers remote reception services with a difference —each call is answered with a smile.  This simple action of smiling sets the tone for the call and the expected level of service for all of their clients. The company was created to help small businesses and professionals to create a professional image at a reasonable cost and to provide a back-up service for existing companies with a receptionist.


When management for this Bedford, Nova Scotia business centre first got in touch with the folks at ClearlyCore, they were running a very complicated, customized system over a traditional PRI line from Eastlink and spending thousands of dollars in toll expenses per month. This reduced their ability to grow as they would have liked to serve more markets.

Each of their customer’s had a different call flow and this resulted in a complicated phone system. They had over 30 agents a day serving as operators for hundreds of unique companies. It left them underserved by the standard phone providers.

Smiledog was using Evo Business Centre Solution software, together with snom phones as endpoints and they needed the change of providers to happen as seamlessly as possible without disrupting their current system.

Proposed Solution

ClearlyCore had the dedication and attention to detail that the big boys lacked to get this job done right. “They just have so many moving parts, even though it is really simple. It becomes a machine,” said Tom Kerr, insert title appropriate to this case study, ClearlyCore.

Right off the bat, by moving them to the ClearNote hosted system, we provided Smiledog with better business continuity. Previously, if the company’s local PRI went down, the whole Smiledog system would go down, impacting not only their businesses, but all of the clients businesses as well. This could have been a disaster for their company. In addition, ClearlyCore was able to eliminate a PRI line and a large part of the associated toll charges.  ClearlyCore provided Smiledog with local phone numbers (local DIDs) in the company’s relevant markets and facilitated their nationwide expansion.


ClearlyCore is very hands on. We work closely with the customer to get it going to minimize the need for support later. This is a win-win.

The seamless transition was all done on the back end. Although certain aspects of the system didn’t necessarily play well together, the experts at ClearlyCore had the experience and dedication to get the system up and running as expected and the cutover went without a hitch. Calls were answered just as they had been and the operators were none the wiser.

“Clearly Core’s support and excellent service are absolutely essential & mission critical for Smiledog “Your Receptionist”. Picking the right vendors when building your business will determine your success or failure. I am so glad I have a true partner in my business that I depend on every day. I was very detailed when engaging with Clearly Core on what it was I needed from our phone services company to allow us to grow and be successful. ClearlyCore was able to assure me they could deliver and even create solutions for new problems should they arise as we developed our business. My business has tripled in size since starting with ClearlyCore and they have stepped up to the plate and found a solution for every problem that has come up. ClearlyCore’s team always responds to my concerns and issues in a professional & efficient manner making sure we deliver top notch service to our clients. ClearyCore is perfectly aligned with our Smiledog’s core values of Professional, Smiling & Awesome.

ClearlyCore is truly my business partner and is critical to our success.”


Smiledog has since seen that ClearlyCore’s support is number one. We monitor their internet connection and we know if there is a problem with it. If there is something not right, we work with their network people to get it up and running. We don’t finger point. We have worked with his carrier, with his internet provider, his network team, and Evo the contact centre software provider.

The benefit of working with ClearlyCore going forward is we can do a lot of neat stuff for many of our accounts without charging any extra. Our product is constantly improved by the feedback and needs of our customers.

For more information on how ClearlyCore can help your business, give us a call at or contact us online today.