Small businesses require flexible, feature-rich telephone services.

In the past, this was a costly part of setting up a small business. Usually you would either have to spend thousands of dollars on a complex, proprietary PBX, or you would have to make do with a basic service from the phone company that might not cost as much, but also wouldn’t provide the features you needed.

Today, with cloud-based PBX services, you can get inexpensive access to big phone system features, for less than a basic phone line used to cost in the past. Standards-compliant telephone sets mean you don’t have to lock in to a single vendor for 10 years, but instead can take advantage of competition in the industry, and ensure your provider is giving you exactly what you need, at a price you can afford.

You can still get a dedicated phone system for your business (this can be a great option if you have access to strong technical skills), and these days such systems are also more advanced and cost-effective than the old proprietary systems of decades past.

Either way; cloud-based (hosted) or onsite (PBX), small businesses have never had more options for getting powerful business telecom capabilities at manageable prices.

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