We talk to Canadian small businesses every week who are feeling confused about hosted PBX pricing.

They’ve usually spoken with at least one of our competitors, heard their pitch, and are more confused than before they started learning about this new technology.

After reading this post you’ll have a clear understanding of how Hosted PBX phone systems are priced, what features you really need, and how to decide what provider is the best fit for your business.

The Quick Answer to What Does it Cost?

The quick answer to the question of ‘how much does a hosted PBX phone system cost’ is somewhere between $16 and $40 per user needed in your office.

That price spread varies, and is based on the number of extensions you need, the service provider you choose, and the features available with the service.

You can check out our pricing page here.

Let’s take a look at the different approaches business phone service providers take to pricing their service.

The Bells and Whistles Approach

Some cloud-based phone system providers take the “bells and whistles” approach. Their system has more features than you could possibly list on a single sheet of paper, and the sales representatives are so excited about it you almost feel embarrassed to admit you’re not sure what the heck they’re talking about.

Pricing is justified based on all of the features rather than the actual service being provided and cost savings your business will enjoy.

We’re the first to admit that some features that can be programmed into a virtual business phone system are great! They improve efficiency and productivity.

Then there is a slew of other features that sound fancy, but honestly will never be used.

The solution? Figure out what features are important to you and your business and then ignore the rest.

Aside from basic voicemail and call routing, we’ve found our customers enjoy the find-me follow-me feature, which allows more than one phone to ring at one time until you answer it. An example would be ringing your desk extension and cell phone at the same time to ensure you don’t miss a call.

Custom auto attendants that allow callers to select an extension are also popular as they ensure callers can self-serve and not have to wait on hold for someone to answer their call.

Low-Cost Long Term Contract Approach

This is the pricing approach taken by most of the large telcos. They offer free hardware upfront and a low per line or extension price but require you to commit for 3-5 years or longer.

While it may be attractive today, will you still feel that same way in a year or two? Technology changes fast, and while the software and hardware in place today for hosted PBX phone systems will likely stay put for the next couple of years, it’s never a great idea to be stuck into a long-term contract.

Just look at the smartphone industry as an example. Recent regulations have reduced the length of contracts allowed from wireless carriers in Canada, but prior to this, it was often the case that your contract outlasted your smartphone technology and speed by a year or more.

How Much Does it Actually Cost

Pricing for a Hosted PBX in Canada is most often quoted by the number of phones or extensions needed. If you check out our pricing page you’ll see that all of our ClearNote service packages are based on the number of extensions (phones) you need in your office.

If you needed 6 different phones in your office then you would look at our medium business package at $107.95 per month. That’s no long-term contract or commitment. We have to earn your business every month.

What do you really need?

Most small offices in Canada require a Hosted PBX service that most closely resembles a traditional PBX system providing

  • Auto attendant
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Voicemail
  • Call transfers

New features such as softphones and desktop calling may sound neat, but in all honesty, you and your staff will function just fine by swapping out your legacy PBX phone system for a shiny new hosted PBX phone service.

You’ll cut monthly costs, reduce the amount of hardware you need onsite and enjoy a couple of extra features that were unavailable with a traditional PBX phone system.

After the Sale is Important

Monthly service fees are no doubt important when making a decision on a service provider, however keep in mind that what happens after the sale is arguably just as important.

One of the benefits ClearlyCore offers its customers is unparalleled customer service. As a boutique provider of hosted and on-premise PBX phone systems, our team is better equipped to not only help you before you make your purchase decision, but more critically, we will be there for you after the install is complete, when you’re settling into the new system and need hands-on, expert support during the first few days and weeks..

To determine what hosted PBX plan is right for your office call today, or submit the form on this page to request a phone conversion consult.

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