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Do I Get a Local Phone Number with a Hosted PBX and What’s a DID?

Switching from a traditional PBX phone system to a hosted PBX is reasonably seamless. However, a common question we’re asked by small business owners is, “Do I still get to keep my same phone number(s)?” Established businesses often have one or more phone numbers published on websites, printed materials, business cards and even vehicles. Having […]

Hosted PBX Pricing Demystified for Canadian Small Business

We talk to Canadian small businesses every week who are feeling confused about hosted PBX pricing. They’ve usually spoken with at least one of our competitors, heard their pitch, and are more confused than before they started learning about this new technology. After reading this post you’ll have a clear understanding of how Hosted PBX […]

New Features You’ll LOVE with a Virtual PBX Phone System

Traditions in business are changing with technology. Social media has opened up a range of marketing opportunities. The internet has brought an age of websites, online shopping, and faster communication. It’s about time for a business phone system to catch up. Virtual PBX phone systems replace the outdated multi-line phone systems offices traditionally use. A […]