As someone who only knows one programming language (REXX), I was always paralyzed by trying to figure out what one to learn next. Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python; I’ve tried them all, and while I basically get what’s going on, I find that the time required to actually do anything useful is simply more than I’m willing to invest.

Freeswitch has been a project that has interested me since the day it was started, but I always figured it’d be a tough thing to get into, simply because it is geared towards people with a developer bent, (and I don’t see them writing a REXX module any time soon ?

But then along comes Lua. Hey! This looks kinda like REXX. I have started playing around with it, and it looks like I can actually get it to do useful things very quickly. FreeSwitch has a Lua interpreter built right in.

This means that I can grab a copy of FreeSwitch, and start playing with simple application development right out of the gate!

I’ll be playing . . .

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