Savings are the #1 reason small businesses looking to switch from their traditional phone service to a Hosted VoIP PBX service.

In most cases, the monthly fee of a hosted PBX service is at least 40% less than what you currently pay to your local telco, but the benefits extend beyond just savings on your monthly bill.

Flexibility and scalability are two more big reasons why Canadian businesses are making the switch to cloud-based office phone systems.

Here is an example of cost savings for an office with 4 landlines and 15 extensions.

  • Traditional PBX Phone System
  • $60 per line = $240.00
  • Hosted VoIP PBX System
  • $14.95 per line = $59.60 $5.00 per extension = $75.00 Total = $134.60 per month

Total savings in this scenario is at least $105.40 before factoring in long-distance calling and additional features available with a hosted VoIP solution.

Flexibility & Scalability

It’s easy to add another user, change an extension or route calls differently when you have a hosted VoIP business phone system. It’s as easy as sending an email to your provider to make the change.

Beyond simply adding or changing lines and extensions a cloud-based phone system for your business makes you and your staff more flexible.

Features like Find Me Follow Me, which allows your mobile and desk phone to ring at the same time, or voicemail to email makes your workforce more mobile and more productive.

Fewer Service Calls

Most small businesses do require assistance from a network specialist with the initial setup of their hosted VoIP PBX service. Once the system is up and running it works quite flawlessly. If there’s an issue you can always call your VoIP provider directly for technical support, so long as it’s a hosted service (Clearly Core’s ClearNote™ service is hosted).

The first step to savings and increased flexibility from your business phone system is to schedule a phone conversion call with the experts at Clearly Core.

We have happy customers from coast-to-coast in Canada reporting average savings as high as 50% per month after switching to our hosted Cloud PBX solution. Schedule a call today.

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