Traditions in business are changing with technology.

Social media has opened up a range of marketing opportunities. The internet has brought an age of websites, online shopping, and faster communication. It’s about time for a business phone system to catch up. Virtual PBX phone systems replace the outdated multi-line phone systems offices traditionally use.

A Hosted PBX doesn’t require the clunky physical hardware of the previous business phone systems. Your monthly fees will also cost about half as much! For some, even more exciting than the savings are the new features available with VOIP business phone systems.

Here are a few of the new features.

Find Me/Follow Me

One of the issues of traditional office phone systems was if you weren’t in the office you missed the call. There are times, albeit occasionally when no one is in the office or has time to answer the phone. This creates missed opportunities. A popular feature of new cloud PBX phone systems is called Find Me Follow Me.

This technology allows you to customize what numbers you want to be called when someone dials an extension. So for example, it might mean ringing on the desk phone as well as someone’s cell phone. Or, you can set an order where the desk phone rings first then the cell phone, then maybe another employees phone if no one answers.

There are lots to the find me follow me technology, and it can be set up by schedule (ring certain numbers at certain times) or sequence (ring one person then another then another if no one answers).

Voicemail to Email

In the old office phone systems, voicemails could only be accessed through the desk phone or by dialing in and getting your voice messages that way.

With a cloud-based phone system, voicemail can be sent directly to your email. This allows for easy access to stay up-to-date, even on your busiest days or when you have several errands to run. You can check your email whenever and wherever you need to make sure you don’t miss out on important information or opportunities.

Customized Call Routing

If you have grown tired of the difficulty traditional office phone systems have to transfer and route calls, then you’ll be happy to hear about the different ways you can customize call routing with a new virtual system. R

Route phone calls to a desk phone, a cell phone, software, or a virtual auto attendant.

Auto attendants allow you to give callers the option of who they want to speak with so you don’t have to spend time manually transferring calls. The ability to route calls to a mobile phone allows your office to have mobility and can let you spread your workforce to nonlocal areas or to work-from-home.

A Virtual PBX system is a great step up from the outdated traditional ones. It allows businesses to be more versatile with their communication and have better communication with their customers. You can customize and tweak to get exactly what you need without expensive equipment or added software. Technology is changing business. Let it change how you use your business phone too.

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